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Loan application checklist

to help get you started with the application process

The following list of documents are ones we may be requesting, based on your situation:

  • Full copy (all pages) of the last three years’ tax returns for the borrower/company
  • Full copy (all pages) of the last three years’ tax returns for any entity related to the primary borrower such as a real estate holding company, if applicable
  • Copy of the last three years’ financial statements (compilations/reviews/audits) as prepared by an outside accountant, if applicable 
  • Full copy (all pages) of the last three years’ tax returns for each individual that will personally guaranty/co-sign on loans. This includes copies of detailed K-1 statements, if applicable
  • Current Personal Financial Statement (PFS) that is completed, dated and signed by each individual that will guaranty/co-sign on loans 
  • If the request is related to Investment Real Estate (IRE), please provide a detailed Rent Roll. The Rent Roll should detail the number of units/tenants/pads/spaces, occupancy trends for the last three years if possible, terms of leases, amount of monthly lease per unit/tenant/pad/space, etc. 
  • If IRE, a description and map/layout of the property/building(s) should be provided if available
  • If the request involves the purchase of a business or change of ownership, please submit any business plan that may be available along with any available projections
  • Summary of any business entity that will be a borrower or guarantor including the following: 
    • Form of business entity: C-Corporation/S-Corporation/Limited Liability Company/Partnership/Sole Proprietorship;
    • Copy of Articles of Incorporation (if C-Corporation or S-Corporation), Articles of Organization (if Limited Liability Company) or Partnership Agreements, as applicable; and
    • Copy of Operating Agreement(s) for any Limited Liability Company related to the transaction.
  • Copy of full trust agreement(s) that may apply if any borrower/guarantor/co-signer is a trust.

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This list is intended to cover most information needed to begin the underwriting/application process for most loan requests, buy may not be all inclusive and additional information may be requested. 


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