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Certificates of Deposit

A flexible way to save

If you’re looking for a safe, hassle-free savings option that allows you to earn higher interest than a traditional savings account, a certificate of deposit (CD) may be an excellent choice for you. Insured by the FDIC, CDs offer the flexibility to choose the term that best fits your needs.

Fixed Term CDs

From several months to ten years, fixed term CDs are available for a wide range of terms with an interest rate that is locked until the CD’s maturity date.

Jumbo CDs

Jumbo CDs are a higher minimum denomination than a standard certificate of deposit. With a minimum $100,000 deposit to open the account, Main Street Bank Jumbo CDs are available in terms ranging from 30 days to one year. The interest rate is determined solely by Main Street Bank. Once your rate is determined, it’s fixed for the life of the CD.

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