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Medallion signature guarantee program

Get the guaranteed signature you need to sell, redeem or transfer ownership of securities

Whether you are selling, redeeming, or transferring securities such as stocks or mutual funds, the transfer agent will most likely require the signature of the owner(s) to be "guaranteed" by a financial institution before the transaction can be completed. Main Street Bank provides the Medallion Signature Guarantee Service exclusively for shareholders of Main Street Financial Services Corp. (for Main Street Financial Services Corp. stock only) or customers of Main Street Bank. There is a $5.00 fee for this service. 

When a Medallion Stamp is placed on a document, it guarantees the following:

  • A signature is genuine;
  • The signer had legal capacity to sign; and
  • The signer was an appropriate person to endorse the security.

The Medallion Stamp is different than a Notary Stamp/Seal. A Notary Seal is placed on a document, of any kind, and guarantees the signature only. The Medallion guarantees the signature as well as the above-listed items. Also, the Medallion Stamp is only used on securities. A security is an investment instrument such as a stock certificate or a bond.

In order to expedite the Medallion Signature Guarantee process, please bring the following with you to your nearest branch:

Form of ID

  • Valid (non‐expired) photo ID: driver’s license or state-issued ID

Proof of securities ownership 

Please note: All owners must be present at the time of signing

  • Most recent statement; AND
  • Actual Original Stock Certificate (if not held by broker or book entry)

Proof of value

  • Main Street Bank corporate office (151 N. Market) is limited to guarantee signatures for $1,000,000 or less (please make an appointment for values over $100,000)
  • All other Main Street Bank branches are limited to guarantee signatures for $100,000 or less
  • MSWV is the symbol ticker for Main Street Financial Services Corp. to find the current value on OTCQX

Verification of legal right to sign (if not currently owner of stock)

  • Death Certificate (with additional documentation, such as executor/executrix court papers, Will or Trust agreements)
  • Trust agreements
  • Power of Attorney
  • Additional documentation may be required

Completed Transfer of Ownership Form*

  • All current owners, exactly as their name appears on the account
  • Any person signing on behalf of a current owner is required to state their legal capacity next to their signature ( i.e. Power of Attorney, Guardian, Trustee, CEO, President of a corporation, etc.) and provide the documentation
  • Any person signing on behalf of a deceased owner must have documentation for authority (i.e. Executor papers, Beneficiary papers, Trustee papers, Will papers, be a Joint Owner, etc.) and a completed notarized Affidavit of Domicile

* All owners or those who have authority to sign on the owner's behalf must sign the Transfer of Ownership Form in the presence of the employee administering the Medallion Stamp. Transfer of ownership forms should be obtained from the transfer agent for the security. Main Street Financial Services Corp. shareholders can obtain the forms below:

Computershare Forms  

Have questions? View our FAQs for more information, call Computershare (the transfer agent for Main Street Financial Services Corp.) at 800.368.5948, or go to

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