Mobile Banking App


Bank by phone, 24/7 with TeleBanker

Access to your bank accounts is a short phone call away. No smart phone? That’s okay. Banking by phone with TeleBanker from Main Street Bank is still a breeze. Keep track of your accounts right from your phone. TeleBanker allows you to:

  • Inquire about your account balances and recent transactions
  • Transfer money between eligible Main Street Bank accounts
  • Learn about Main Street Bank products and rates
  • Locate Main Street Bank branches and ATMs

How to apply

For most types of accounts, new customers will automatically receive a TeleBanker PIN shortly after you open your account. This PIN is required when registering for Mobile Banking. If you do not know your PIN, or haven’t received one with your account, you’ll need to complete a TeleBanker Enrollment Form.

For complete details, see the Electronic Funds Transfers section in our Account Disclosures & Fee Schedule. 

Accessing TeleBanker

The phone numbers for TeleBanker are:

Toll Free Number: 1.888.261.5661

Quick contact