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A blueprint for success

YouCalculator’ve found the location for your lot and you’ve selected the perfect design plans. Let us help you break ground. When you work with Main Street Bank to finance your home construction, you’ll find a loan that’s as tailored to fit your needs as the home you dream of.


  • One step closing process—no need to close twice
  • Free pre-qualification
  • Interest rate locked at time of application
  • Lot loans
  • We’re local, so your loan is handled locally—local processing, local underwriting, local approval and local servicing
  • Quick turnaround
  • No penalty for prepayment

Ready to get started? Contact our lending team, stop by one of the Main Street Bank branches, or apply online for a loan or to get pre-qualified.


Rates effective as of  

Loan Rate APR*
15 Years (3%-20% Down)
0 Points 7.250% 7.674%
20 Years (3%-20% Down)
0 Points 7.125% 7.482%
30 Years (3%-20% Down)
0 Points 7.375% 7.654%

*Annual Percentage Rate

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