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Refinance and save big


You’re looking to save some money—who isn’t? In some cases, refinancing your mortgage loan can save you a lot of money over the life of your loan.

Refinancing to lower your monthly payment

Perhaps current interest rates are lower than what you’re presently paying on your mortgage—refinancing your loan might be an option to save you money on your mortgage payment each month. When you save on your payment, that’s money you could put towards something else—building that retirement nest egg, financing a major purchase, or paying down debt.

Refinance to pay your mortgage off sooner

Shortening the term of your loan may increase your monthly payments, but you’ll pay far less in interest over the course of your loan, potentially saving you lots of cash. Paying off your mortgage sooner means that you can then shift your focus to other financial goals. Our 10-Year Fixed Rate Refinance Mortgage is an excellent option that allows you to pay your mortgage off sooner, with low fees and at an attractive rate.

Benefits of a 10-Year Fixed Rate Refinance Mortgage:

  • Quick, easy, hassle-free loan
  • Refinance only
  • 80% maximum loan to value
  • One low origination fee of $995*
  • Maximum loan term of 10 years
  • 1-4 family owner occupied residence

Ready to get started? Contact our lending team, stop by one of the Main Street Bank branches, or apply online for a loan or to get pre-qualified 

*$150 loan processing fee, $2.00 life of loan flood certification. These fees are part of the $995.00 flat origination fee. For complete details, see rates and disclosure.


Rates effective as of  

Loan Rate APR*
15 Years (3%-20% Down)
0 Points 7.250% 7.674%
20 Years (3%-20% Down)
0 Points 7.125% 7.482%
30 Years (3%-20% Down)
0 Points 7.375% 7.654%

*Annual Percentage Rate

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